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My Experience with a Shark Meat

July 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Each time I come to a new place, I make it sure to try the new things around.  Could it be drinks that look strange to me and food that is unique in many ways.

As I passed by the grocery stand, with the label “Fish”. Scanned around the shelf and saw a fresh fish meat.  It is white and looks ok to me.  I was surprised when I saw the label, SHARK STAKE.

I have tried sharks fin in dumplings and even a shark fin soup.  But this time, it is quite obvious that this stake is really new to me.

So without any brain nerves working, I grab the meat and went to the counter excitedly.

Now, got a couple glimpse of the meat, still excited. I cut it into three parts, that will serve my breakfast and lunch for the following day.  Anyway, I sprinkled salt and pepper and fried it for 10 mins.

I once tried frying tuna but the meat gets so tough and not pleasant on your teeth, which gets stuck on it.  I tried salmon and it really taste good and the texture is slimy, which I like the most.

The Shark Meat is like a blue marlin’s meat texture.  When it is cooked and you cut the meat, it separates the meat tissues easily.  The color of the meat is white like the blue marlin. Are they in the same family?

What I don’t like about the Shark’s Meat is the aftertaste.  It tastes like iron, we’ll I really don’t know about my taste bud, but it tastes like it.  Maybe I’m just hovering my thoughts about sharks, but for me, I really had a bad first impression about this killer fish “Shark Meat”.

But what can I do about it, I have two more slices to eat tomorrow…

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Entering Marriage Life

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Last night, I was interviewed by students about marriage.  This is the question what I like the most, “How do you prepare before entering marriage?”.  I whispered, thank God it’s not about politics.

This is my opportunity to share to my readers, who will soon be brides and grooms, tips about marriage.  I should start creating new blog account for this, this topic will be too long to discuss. A good one.

Entering marriage is something that someone has control of.  You can enter marriage by planning it well with your soon to be partner.  You must be sure that HE or SHE is the ONE. The only one in your life, FOREVER!

Of course, you should consider that you are on the right age.  This will make you more mature in your relationship. You can decide fully on your own.

You need to consider your financial status. You must have a stable job. Marriage is not free, it will even cost you more or less P3,000 in SM, short for “Secret Marriage”.  It will be useless if you’re in the right age but you don’t have enough money for the celebration.  It costs P150,000 plus to celebrate it with a restaurant reception of 200 pax, just an idea.  Of course, your budget is your guide.

After you are married, what will you eat and supply your daily needs?  You should have savings that will support you for at least six months without the help of your MOMMY and if you’re jobless.  It will be fortunate for you if your sponsors gave you appliances so you don’t need to cash out any for these items.

I am sure, if you enter marriage, all these tips are important. But most of all, LOVE is the key to a successful marriage.

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7 Things to Keep Up This New year

January 2, 2010 Leave a comment

A new year has just began with plenty of memories for the past years.  We have seen all the good and the bad.  Those problems have given us the best experiences in our lives.  Keeping us alive and always reminding us that life is just the way it is.

Keeping our hearts close to our minds is always the best way to survive even if we think that it isn’t worth a try.

Few lessons that I have learned few years back is how to remain standing steady and walking on your own feet.

Resolutions are always the first task to do on the start of a new year to state all the things that we need to change or maintain.  So I have listed some of the important reminders to do for this new year.

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends

2. Watch Your Health

3. Enjoy Life More

4. Pay All Your Debt

5. Make Yourself Busy by Studying Something New

6. Help Others Who Are In Need

7. Organize Your Time and Materials

Make  the list and post it in a place where you could easily see it.  Try to paste it on your mirror, refrigerator and you can have a note on your Desktop folder where you could see it every time you open your computer.

Mangalary Site Transfer

December 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Mangalary site had just transfered few days ago to have a better environment.  I have transfered/exported all of my files to that site.  Please post some comments there and suggest anything to improve it. Hope to see you and keep on visiting my site.  Click the new mangalary button to transfer you to my new site.

Mangalary logo

New Mangalary Site Logo is Done!

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I have transfered my blog from host to, it was quite a difficult decision especially that my readers are used to visit my blog at the  Well, everything should make improvements, to make sure that the readers will like it more and of course my blogs have more features than before.

There are plenty of things to change and learn more about website’s what-to-do’s…quite exhausting, but rewarding.   I admit, I’m not a programmer, so these things are so strange to me like a first grader learning the ABC’s.

The theme was completely white to have a clear view of the my blogs.  A slight formality of the theme might work well with my posts and pleasant to the viewers.  It is a 3-column theme to compress the information and good for viewers that don’t want to scroll down the site even quite a bit.

Doing a makeover should include the site logo.  The original mangalary sight was just a simple text “MANgalary”.  But this time, a light and cool appearance was the theme of the logo, which would be nice and pleasant.

The new logo for Mangalary site is finished and ready for posting.  I can’t find how to install it though…might as well call some of my programmer friends or do net research. Yeah, as what I’ve told you, it is quite exhausting.  You’ll see the logo as soon as I have downloaded it.  Check the logo below and have a glimpse…

new mangalary floating logo

new mangalary floating logo

I am now in love with it..ahhh.

Get Rid of Driving Stress!!

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment
I have been driving for years now.  I have noticed that my eyes becomes stressed during and after those long drives especially when the sunlight is shining directly on me…I don’t have problems during rainy season, but I may also encounter some problems with that.  I will be discussing it on my other posts.
The most stressful part of the day is Read more…

Your Promise

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

No one is never satisfied on one thing.  Keeping his self motivated at all times and never stops on dreaming.  A dream that someday, he can change his life.  A change that has never been done for centuries, never been written in history, where no one has ever found in the deep blue sea.  Hoping that someday, everything will come in to order.

Relatives keep you asking what would you be when you grow up?  A question that was planted on one corner of your brain since you’ve been baptist and learned to hold your pencil.  You asked yourself, what is my purpose in life? You are in your mid 20’s or your late 60’s but still giving some promises to this and that.  The promise which is not yet broken and done.  We have to accept that we are not be living forever in this world and we have our lifetime deadline.  Make the use of it for you have your strength to fulfill it right now.

Three Tips in Keeping a Promise to Yourself
1.  Know What you Promise
“Promises are made to be broken”, a phrase where people don’t care for themselves and anybody. A promise should not be broken for it is the key to your future.  It shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be keep intact for the rest of your life.  Know exactly what you promise for yourself.  It is a long term promise of what you will do to your life.  Never make a promise which is impossible. Promise yourself with goals that you can have that  must be easy enough for you to handle and to achieve.

2.  Getting Ready to Fulfill your Promise
Having a promise for yourself is a lifetime commitment that only you can achieve.  Prepare yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Prepare your emotions, where sometimes you have to be down if you can not fulfill the promise.  Be physically fit to make yourself ready for the challenge in life, have a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself knowledgeable on all sorts of things.  Prepare your spiritual belief and you should keep your faith to guide you on your promise.

3.  Maintaining the Promise
Your attitude from starting your big step on fulfilling your promise should be the same all through out.  Keeping yourself motivated is the key in maintaining it.  If some circumstances tends to pull you away from it, do what is right to make yourself strong and keep yourself adrift.

As long as you are determined,  ready to face the challenge, YOU and only you can keep your promise.

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