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Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Bridge Link Is OPEN!

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Last night, April 24, 2010, was the opening of the Marina Bay Sands Bridge Link.  A portion of the bridge was opened to the public.

Dancers entertained all visitors along the bridge and the lights changes from green to blue and yellow to red.  That was a nice view on a clear evening sky.

The fireworks was lit just around 8pm illuminating the ship on top of the three buildings and it’s spectacular.  An estimate of 1000 people visited Marina to see each and every corner of the bridge.

This picture was taken at the bridge entrance.

marina bay bridge

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Downloading Plugins Maybe Dangerous to Your Blogs

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

As you noticed on each of my posts, I have no “Related Post” plugins below it.  This will link you to other blogs on my page.

So I tried to look for a plugin that might have this type of features.  When I checked on the WordPress list of plugins, I clicked “Add New” and typed the keyword “related posts”, there were those plugins with ranking on it listed in the menu.  Something catches my eye with a title ” WordPress Related Posts” by with a rating of 1.1.1.  It seems harmless to me because of the word “WordPress” on it.

Well, its my fifth time installing few of my plugins anyway, so I tried to download it.  A window appeared with a “Download” button.  As the mouse pointer moved over and as I clicked on that button, the browser started to open the link, after two, then 5, and then 10 minutes, nothing happened.  The browser screen was totally empty…as in blank.

With the Google Chrome, the browser I’m using, I tried to make it sure that this isn’t happening, not REAL and I’ just dreaming!!!  So I tried to log-on to my admin site, to my surprise, a blank page appears.  Not even a warning appeared on it or just even a smiley symbol :)… The browser bar indicates the though.  I checked the URL and the website is active.  It seems that it’s preventing me from logging in to my admin Dashboard.

I was completely hopeless and with regret.  Trying to fix the problem, I come up of installing internet explorer 8, thinking that it might help.  Even tried to open it on the Firefox browser, but still nothing happened.

To my last hopes, I thought of asking help from my guardian angel Yahoo Support!  Emailed to them what had happened and here’s what they told me…having a smile on my face.


Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Small Business Support.

I have disabled the ‘wordpress-related-posts’ plugin. Please check if wordpress is working fine.

Please do not hesitate to reply if you need further assistance.


Yahoo! Small Business Support

It was really unexpected on my part, they answered me on a few hours.  That’s what you call service!

Anyway, I tried to log in, and there’s my precious Admin Dashboard appeared in front of me glittered with stardusts…just kidding.  I was so happy to see my Dashboard again!

I don’t know what was wrong with “WordPress Related Post” Plugin but surely, I won’t recommend and even want to install it again in my whole life.  I don’t want to loose all my blogs.  Surely, I’ll be doing my backups now as a lesson learned.

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Microsoft Will Stop Sale of Word 2003 and 2007

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment
Everyday, you have been using Microsoft Office Word knowing that all of its programs are originally made by the company.  Included on the program was the XML “Extensible Markup Language”, a method of processing electronic documents using embedded codes that provide instructions on how information appears.  The program was encoded in the Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Word 2007 particularly enhancing the processing of documents in your computer.
A small Canadian company, with 30 employees, won a case against Microsoft Corporation “Microsoft”, with a case number 6:07CV113 Patent Case filed in Tyler Division, Texas on May 2009.  The company, called i4i, claimed that Microsoft has violated its patented method, US Patent No. 5,787,449, by using them for Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007.  The i4i company still holds the patent since 1998. Its Chairman made it clear that they dont intend to stop Microsoft business and interfere with the users of Microsoft Office Word.
The court found that Microsoft willfully infringed the patent, and ordered to pay the damages to i4i with the following breakdown.
1. I4i was awarded an amount of $200,000,000 for Microsoft infringement of the patent.
2. Awarded i4i an enhanced damages worth $40,000,000.
3. Further awarded post verdict damages of $144,060 per day from May 21, 2009 until August 11, 2009
4. Awarded pre-judgement interest of $37,097,032 up to May 20, 2009 and $21,102 per day until August 11, 2009
5. I4i is entitled to post-judgement interest for any time period between the Final Judgement and the date upon i4i receives the complete payment from Microsoft.
The total damages which Microsoft had to pay were estimated to be in the $290M mark. The court gave microsoft a January 11, 2010 deadline to stop its sale of Word and Microsoft office or until they will find a way not to use the patent in its word processors.
We have nothing to worry about on our existing softwares because Microsoft still provides support on all sold products prior to this deadline.
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New Mangalary Site Logo is Done!

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I have transfered my blog from host to, it was quite a difficult decision especially that my readers are used to visit my blog at the  Well, everything should make improvements, to make sure that the readers will like it more and of course my blogs have more features than before.

There are plenty of things to change and learn more about website’s what-to-do’s…quite exhausting, but rewarding.   I admit, I’m not a programmer, so these things are so strange to me like a first grader learning the ABC’s.

The theme was completely white to have a clear view of the my blogs.  A slight formality of the theme might work well with my posts and pleasant to the viewers.  It is a 3-column theme to compress the information and good for viewers that don’t want to scroll down the site even quite a bit.

Doing a makeover should include the site logo.  The original mangalary sight was just a simple text “MANgalary”.  But this time, a light and cool appearance was the theme of the logo, which would be nice and pleasant.

The new logo for Mangalary site is finished and ready for posting.  I can’t find how to install it though…might as well call some of my programmer friends or do net research. Yeah, as what I’ve told you, it is quite exhausting.  You’ll see the logo as soon as I have downloaded it.  Check the logo below and have a glimpse…

new mangalary floating logo

new mangalary floating logo

I am now in love with it..ahhh.