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Are We Running Out of Water?

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I heard a news from the radio, just a couple of hours ago, and can’t help to comment about their topic.  It’s about water and everything about it.  These people who want to save our water reservoirs are so paranoid about the running out of water thing.

Let me first explain about the cycle of nature.  This is so obvious and you can see it anywhere.  When one object or a thing degrades, it transforms to a different form.  Dead animal, for example, decays and will be transformed to a chemical form which is the Fertilizer.  And in electrical terms, when electricity powers a television, some of its energy transforms to sound and some to light and heat.

This is so much the same with water.  Water can not go anywhere.  It doesn’t go to the moon and out to outer space.  It is contained only in earth, so why are you talking about running out of water?

Some places like lakes looses water because these waters are moving or transferring to a lower grounds.  Nature has what we call the tectonic plates. When this plate moves, some empty part of earth needs something to fill in, this is where water fills in.

And one more thing, nature has the best feature which it does most, evaporation and condensation.

So what do you think? Are we really running out of water?

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Singapore’s Internet Connection

June 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Before I entered Singapore, what I thought is that my blogs would work as if I’m at my home country. The fast and reliable internet connection would be the same.

But, DAMN! I was wrong.  I stayed in one of the HDB, Singaporean type of condo, and the connection is so annoying.  You can view Yahoo Singapore in about 5 seconds. What The..!!!

Youtube streaming is really times 10…annoying.  Keeps on buffing here, buffing there and everywhere.

Anyway, there’s nothing we can do about that and if you wouldn’t live with it, you don’t have your connection and eventually, your blogs goes up to the top 50. So I don’t care anymore.

Facebook, works well with the text, but never mind the picture of your friends..they’re just mere icons on your screens, you know what I mean, instead of their photos, a small icon appears with the title “Holiday with Paris Hilton in Bikini”..Aww, what a waste.

If you’re in Singapore and also experienced this type of connection. Kindly share to us what’s your annoying time while surfing the internet.

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Singapore’s Meals

May 23, 2010 Leave a comment

After a hard day’s work, your stomach rumbles for something delicious yet cheap.  But you are in an expensive city, what others think, and with a tight budget.  Where else can you go?

I tried to eat at a Japanese restaurant. This is what I ordered, a complete meal worth SGD16.00, but I tell you, it’s worth it.

Japanese Food at Singapore

Japanese Food at Singapore

Hawker, is a place where your stomach and pocket loves, known for its cheap and delicious servings.  If you’re in the Philippines, this is what we call “Eatery” or “Karenderia ni Manang”.

Anyway, these are the budget meals that you can order worth SGD2.00 to SGD3.00 ONLY! Cheap right?

And I tell yah, It’s so good.

Budget Meals at Singapore

SGD 2.50 budget meal

Budget Meals at Singapore

SGD3.00 Budget meal

Budget Meals at Singapore

SGD2.20 Budget Meal

Budget Meals at Singapore

SGD2.50 budget meal

Budget Meals at Singapore

SGD2.50 budget meal

We went to Bugis to try their famous “Steam Boat”. Where you could cook your own food in a platter of steaming hot soup of your choice.  They have pork, chicken and fish soup.

The raw meat, seafood and vegies are displayed at the counter where you could select anything you want.   Eat and taste it for yourself.  For me, it’s good and worth the SGD18.00 per person.

Steam Boat Meal

SGD18.00 Eat All You Can

Steam Boat at Bugis

Steam Boat at Bugis Singapore

The best meal in life is when it’s FREE, so make more friends and to have some free meals.

How I Got 3,000 Subscribers In Just One Day?

April 1, 2010 Leave a comment

There are so many blogs about how to get money online.  Some even has photos of checks all over their site, just to let people know that they earned it through internet and they did it in just a day or few weeks.

I wondered how do they do that. But, isn’t it obvious that it would not happen in a day?

My stats for the first week, talking about the subscribers, it has just been in the 1oth digit.  I was used to it and giving some of them few welcoming words and few thank you notes.

One of my posts got my attention, it was all about politics.  After few minutes of posting, got 6,000 views and 3,000 subscribers.  I can’t believe it!

Then I realized that today is April 1, 2010.  An April FOOLS DAY everyone!  How I wish this story is true.  *SIGH*

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The Basics of Blogging

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

First time bloggers have something in common, getting more traffic and unique visitors to their site.  I too started this without knowing the basics.

We search the internet on how to create more traffic to get information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from some experienced bloggers, which sometimes are incomplete and are undoubtedly deceiving.

There are so many SEO techniques around.  Newbies are thinking that doing these SEO techniques will instantly get what they want. But they are totally wrong.  It won’t happen overnight.  Patience is the key to it all.  They are so much concentrated with this that they have forgotten the quality of their blog contents, which is the basic foundation of a blog.

What newbies should keep in mind is to create and maintain good quality informative posts without initially doing some SEO techniques.  Make as much posts  so readers would never leave your site and the great thing will happen is getting it bookmarked.

Sooner or later, having so many great posts, your blog will be viral and SEO techniques are then the key to lure in readers to your blog.  It will boost your viewer count and eventually gain more advertisers.

Other SEO “Experts” advice newbies to get words from Google trends and post those words in their blog as many as they can for the purpose of optimization.  That would be fine for me, BUT as soon as those readers lured in to their site and found the irrelevant posts as trash.  They won’t even come back to waste their time.

If you want to be a professional blogger, make it a point that what you have posted is a treasure to others.  Do not use or create posts that are misleading to someone.

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