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Who is the Owner of the SUN?

You can purchase a parcel of land in any location in your country.  Individual can have two or more properties as long as they have money.  Countries can own islands and even conquer small and undiscovered places like what happened years ago.

Nobody had ever thought that you can register an ownership of the Sun, have you?

A 49 year old woman, Ms Angeles Duran, registered the SUN as her property in a local notary public.  She said in an online daily El Mundo that there is no law that says individual person can own a star or a planet.  She was inspired by a man who claims to be the owner of the moon, but unfortunately, with this post link, it isn’t true.

She said that she is not stupid and knows the law. To those who will use the SUN will now be billed and will use the profit to research and give some donations to the government and foundations, she said.

Does that mean that someone can register the AIR as his own?

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