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MySpace to Facebook: “I Give Up!”

The battle of three Social Network giants has been hot for few years now.  There gotta be someone bows down and offer itself for the other.  These giants were namely Friendster, Facebook and Myspace.

Just recently, Myspace had gave up battling with Facebook and negotiations had been prepared and few are now served at the table.

The arrangement is that Myspace will be integrated in Facebook, which means MySpace users can now login to the site within the Facebook Connect.  This is not bad at all and MySpace can get information from the users just like those Facebook apps.  Also, anything you post in Facebook will be seen at your MySpace profile.

Competition is such a huge help for all users, but they cripple those huge networks. Who cares? They have their money for fall-backs anyway.

Such a saying goes “If you can’t beat them, Join them?”

What do you think? Does this help alot for MySpace or will make it worse? Please give us your comments.

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