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Are We Running Out of Water?

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I heard a news from the radio, just a couple of hours ago, and can’t help to comment about their topic.  It’s about water and everything about it.  These people who want to save our water reservoirs are so paranoid about the running out of water thing.

Let me first explain about the cycle of nature.  This is so obvious and you can see it anywhere.  When one object or a thing degrades, it transforms to a different form.  Dead animal, for example, decays and will be transformed to a chemical form which is the Fertilizer.  And in electrical terms, when electricity powers a television, some of its energy transforms to sound and some to light and heat.

This is so much the same with water.  Water can not go anywhere.  It doesn’t go to the moon and out to outer space.  It is contained only in earth, so why are you talking about running out of water?

Some places like lakes looses water because these waters are moving or transferring to a lower grounds.  Nature has what we call the tectonic plates. When this plate moves, some empty part of earth needs something to fill in, this is where water fills in.

And one more thing, nature has the best feature which it does most, evaporation and condensation.

So what do you think? Are we really running out of water?

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