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My Experience with a Shark Meat

Each time I come to a new place, I make it sure to try the new things around.  Could it be drinks that look strange to me and food that is unique in many ways.

As I passed by the grocery stand, with the label “Fish”. Scanned around the shelf and saw a fresh fish meat.  It is white and looks ok to me.  I was surprised when I saw the label, SHARK STAKE.

I have tried sharks fin in dumplings and even a shark fin soup.  But this time, it is quite obvious that this stake is really new to me.

So without any brain nerves working, I grab the meat and went to the counter excitedly.

Now, got a couple glimpse of the meat, still excited. I cut it into three parts, that will serve my breakfast and lunch for the following day.  Anyway, I sprinkled salt and pepper and fried it for 10 mins.

I once tried frying tuna but the meat gets so tough and not pleasant on your teeth, which gets stuck on it.  I tried salmon and it really taste good and the texture is slimy, which I like the most.

The Shark Meat is like a blue marlin’s meat texture.  When it is cooked and you cut the meat, it separates the meat tissues easily.  The color of the meat is white like the blue marlin. Are they in the same family?

What I don’t like about the Shark’s Meat is the aftertaste.  It tastes like iron, we’ll I really don’t know about my taste bud, but it tastes like it.  Maybe I’m just hovering my thoughts about sharks, but for me, I really had a bad first impression about this killer fish “Shark Meat”.

But what can I do about it, I have two more slices to eat tomorrow…

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