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Working at Home is the Best Job Ever!

Everyday, you wake up at 5am to warm your food, which you’ve cooked a night before.  And the early morning temperature of your bath freezes your spines.  You hurry up to wear your uniform and making it sure you have your ID with you.  You then wait for your bus to come by and sometimes can not get a ride when everybody are squeezed inside.  Then suddenly, you are stucked in a traffic jam, so scared to be late at work with your angry boss waiting at your office desk.

An Overseas Worker, earns thousands of pesos yet is away from his family. Holding a contract for one to three years without having a chance to see them.  If unlucky enough, gets harassment from the big boss and nothing to lean on to.

Then he realized and asked?  Is this the life and the kind of job that I wanted?

These are the common questions for most workers.  Could it be in the Philippines and overseas.  No choice but to stay away from the country or work away from home.

What if there’s an option behind all these?  The option that everybody could consider.

A group named WahPinas (www.wahpinas.com) was born.  This group keeps helping those who are working outside of their homes offering home-based jobs.  They have also created a Facebook Fan page to keep you updated of the new jobs at hand.  Go visit the site and join the Fan page and start Working At HOME!

working at home pinasThe best thing working at home is when you always see your children and your partner.  Nothing beats having your work and being with your family 24/7.

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