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Do You Want to Bribe a Police in Singapore?

When someone returns the money, which is left from a taxi cab, we call it the act of kindness.  A man returned a bag of jewelry would be the act of honesty.  These are the Good Samaritans that are REARLY seen in the headlines of the Philippine news media.

Why?  Because all we hear are nothing but the killings, gozzips and everything bad about the news, shall we say…

How about the police?  Do we hear any good news about what they have done lately?

This is what I want to share to you. In Singapore, recently, a man was arrested because he was drunk and driving.  The surprising thing is, he bribed the policemen of S$10,000 to let him go.  The police, as undoubtedly honest, did not took the lure and still brought him to jail.  He was then filed with a case of bribery in the Graft and Corruption Council.

Never in my entire life had I heard of these news in the Philippines.  The government itself is not acting on this.  I hope the present government shall impose this kind of act.

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