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Top 10 Most Popular Pages on Facebook

You can see them posted on your walls and sometimes popping up on the right side of your screen.

These are the Pages of the Facebook, which sometimes are annoying to us. These Facebook  Pages are made by the celebrities and game makers to gain more fans all over the Facebook.

Let us then get the Top 10 list of these Pages and know how many fans LIKED them…

We gathered all these numbers and ranked them from Top 1 to 10 as of July 7, 2010.

Top 1 – Texas Hold’em Poker (20,404,690 fans)

Texas Hold'em Poker

Top  2- Michael Jackson (15,295,549 fans)

Michael Jackson

Top 3 – Mafia Wars (12,889,330 fans)

Mafia Wars

Top 4 – Facebook (11,939,463 fans)


Top 5 – Lady Gaga (11,293,072 fans)

Lady Gaga

Top 6 – Family Guy (11,084,759 fans)

Family Guy

Top 7 – Vin Diesel (10,509,065 fans)

Vin Diesel

Top 8 – Barack Obama (10,107,694 fans)

Barack Obama

Top 9 – Starbucks (9,386,569 fans)


Top 10 – House (8,824,028 fans)


Their numbers are getting bigger every second…as you click their link and refresh, the numbers won’t stop counting.

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