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Our President Needs a Salary Upgrade?

I wonder why Singapore has the best transportation system and nice place to work and live in.  The climate are almost the same with the Philippines, less the typhoons and earthquakes.

Philippines is rich in natural resources, that proves the existence of mines allover the archipelago.

Got a chance to chat with a Singaporean and I did get a lot of information about their country.  He said that the problem in the Philippines is firstly, corruption inside the government and crawling down to the private level.  Don’t raise your eyebrows, this is the FACT.

Why do we have corruption? It is because of the low salary grade  of government officials.  Why?

The salary of the President in the Philippines, leading the whole 7,000 + island into one nation, minding all difficult tasks in every Departments, is just merely  Php 63,525 a month.  Then a businessman offers the President, millions of dollars as a token of appreciation.  Do you think the President will not take this offer?

Do you know how much the Prime Minister of Singapore receives in a month?  An equivalent of PHP 3,000,000.00!

Now I asked him again. Is it the attitude or the salary grade?

Whatever it is, we don’t need a good President, but an HONEST one!

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