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Comparative Presidential Data:A Black Propaganda?

Yet another day at my computer, looking for something new on what’s happening in our world.  An email caught my eye that has few introductory words complete with data in a tabular form.

The form consists of data from 2010 Election Presidential Candidates.  Each was presented with their best achievements and sprayed with the fragrance of  politics.

One candidate caught my attention, Noynoy Aquino.  His records were astonishingly out of this world!  So I said, ok, are these data were really true or yet another Black Propaganda for this person?

Take a look at the data taken from the email.

Comparative Presidential Candidates 2010 Data

I was surprised that this man, Noynoy Aquino, has all the zeros in him.  Where did the data came from?  Is this really the truth about the man?

Intrigued by that e-mail, I searched Noynoy’s website and found his achievements as a politician.

The data from the email didn’t match on the official website’s data of Noynoy Aquino.  I got some of them to show you his achievements.

Aquino is a leading member of the Liberal Party. He currently holds the position of Vice Chairman of the Liberal Party, having assumed the post on 17 March 2006. He was previously Secretary General of the party (1999-2002), Vice-President of the Luzon Liberal Party (2002-2004), and Secretary General of the party (2004-16 March 2006).

Aquino was elected to the House of Representatives in 1998, representing the 2nd District of Tarlac. He won re-election in 2001 and 2004, and served until 2007.

Aquino served on numerous committees as a member of Congress: the Public Order and Security, Transportation and Communications, Agriculture, Banks and Financial Intermediaries, Peoples’ Participation, Suffrage and Electoral Reforms, Appropriations, Natural Resources, and Trade and Industry committees (11th Congress), the Civil, Political and Human Rights, Good Government, Public Order and Security, Inter-Parliamentary Relations and Diplomacy committees (12th Congress), and the Banks and Financial Intermediaries, Energy, Export Promotion, Public Order and Safety committees (13th Congress). -source: http://www.noynoy.ph

More Achievements of Noynoy Aquino….

Manny Villar credentials shows that he made more than 20 Bills and Resolutions. His records can be viewed here…

You can view Gibo Teodoro’s achievements here…

Dick Gordon’s website is found here…

Now, do not be lured by these false propaganda spreading in the net.  You must know the source of it and be your guide for you to choose who’s the best person to lead our country…OUR PHILIPPINES.

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