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7-Eleven (GULP) Poll Survey on 2010 Elections Results!

“A sip of Gulp at 7-Eleven on a hot summer day quenches your thirst away.”

While I was sipping and looking outside the window of 7-Eleven.  Presidential Candidates 2010 banners are scattered in every inch of walls and hanging, dangling on to the street lights.

I looked around the 7-eleven store, took a deep breath and said, “Thank God, no views of banners and election paraphernalia inside this store.”  Then took another sip of Gulp and…”What the…this cup has it!”

7-Eleven in 2000, started a Presidential poll in the United States using their coffee cup, where customer choose a cup for George W. Bush or Al Gore and in 2004 for George W. Bush and John Kerry.

But, it didn’t stopped there.  In 2008, another poll from 7-eleven was conducted for Barack Obama and John McCain and that closely matched the official election results.

7-Eleven Elections Survey 2010 logo

Now, about 450 branches of 7-eleven in the Philippines recently conducted a Presidential survey based on the sale of their Gulp cups.  A customer will choose on what cup he likes for his Gulp.  Each cup has the color and the face of each Presidential Candidate.

7-Eleven Gulp Cups Presidential Election Survey

7-Eleven Gulp Cups

The result was released and Noynoy Aquino made a 58% lead against the second, Gibo Teodoro.

7-Eleven Presidential Election 2010 Survey Results

7-Eleven Survey Results

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