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Philippine Embassy in Singapore

I’ve accompanied a friend to the Philippine Embassy in Singapore.  It was located at 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395.

Yes I know it’s Sunday, but they’re open ’til 3pm.

How to get to the Philippine Embassy?

You could ride a bus and alight at the nearest bus stop at Tanglin Road then walk your way through Nassim Road.

If you are taking the train, you can alight at the Orchard Station (NS22), walk pass through Shaw Center and enter the Nassim Road before Tanglin  Shopping Center. This is a 1-km walk, better stretch those muscles.

Try to trace the location on the map labelled letter A.

Philippine Embassy at Singapore Map

If you need to process any document, proceed first to the entrance gate and log in to the record book and the guard on duty will give you the form to fill up.

These are the photos inside the embassy premises.  We arrive at 11am and the sun was shining hot.

Waiting Area

At the waiting area waiting for my friend, facing at the guard house.

People waiting for their turn

Facing at the OWWA windows

Facing Windows 1-4

People queuing for their turn

My friend is the 220th person for that day.

Few tips: Bring with you all the necessary documents that you have, passports, birth certificate and everything.  Bring extra shirt, ballpen, a bottle of water, umbrella and of course…money worth for the fee.

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