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Manny Villar’s House: FAKE or REAL?

An email from an unknown source spread through Yahoo email accounts including Facebook.  I was quite curious about the credibility of it.  It looks like a fake one, unlike the C5 Project controversy, it lacks evidence, from an attorneys point of  view.  But, sorry, I am not an attorney but I can tell what’s fake from the real one.

Let’s start from the email.  What was that email all about?

The email showed pictures of a mansion and its beautiful dining, bathroom, living room and isles, etc..

Villar's House at Salt Lake?

Nice house, right? How I wish to stay in it for a week.

The source said it was the house of a Philippine Senator, Manny Villar, in Salt Lake, Utah, USA.  He will be running for President on May 2010 Election.

Some of the images seem familiar.  Like this image, for example.

Yes they are the same! The image on the left was from the email and on the right is taken from the music video by Lady Gaga.  Watch the video now…

And notice these images taken from the email photos…

These images are familiar too.  It was used for the music video of Robin Thicke. Watch it and spot the similarity.

Alright, I’ve shown you the similarities.  Is it owned by Manny Villar? It is up to you people to judge the Senator and the person who sent the email.

This May 2010 Election, we must be vigilant.  Check out every candidate’s background and think of our country’s future.  This is what I always remind my readers…PLEASE DO NOT SELL YOUR VOTES.

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