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The Cute Little Girl of Agua Bendita

AGUA: Bendita…wag ka na magalit sakin, bati na tayo.  Kahit anong gusto mo, gagawin ko basta wag ka lang magalit sakin..

BENDITA: I hate you! I hate you! Get oouttt! Get Ouuuuttt!

A soft-spoken cute little girl and her rude sister from ABS-CBN, Agua Bendita, captures the hearts of the Kapamilyas.

You’ll never believe that these girls, Agua and Bendita , is no other than Xyriel Anne Manabat.   She was born in Taytay, Rizal, Philippines.

She also played the roles as:

Bea in May Bukas Pa,

Nini in Dahil May Isang Ikaw,

Young Rubi in Rubi

I really love her acting and never blink my eye just a bit while watching her on TV.

Look how cute Xyriel is reciting her name when she was just 2 years old…

She joined Star Circle Quest Kiddie Idol on 2009.

And watch this if you want to see her BEST acting on SCQ Kiddie Idol 09…Amazing!!

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