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Unclaimed P173M Lotto Prize: What’s the Combination?

Millions of Filipinos were hooked up buying lotto tickets for the hope of winning millions of pesos.  This is the easiest way to unleash self from poverty.

Winning a lotto is a complete 360 degree life turn.  It will completely change your lifestyle.  What if one day, you’ll wake up and find your number so much identical with the result? Quite a dream, huh?

What if you have just noticed that your lotto ticket number have won, but was a year late?

This is what I’ve heard from Mr. Anthony Taberna of DZMM  a while ago. A winning lotto number combination was left unclaimed for a year,  until it has expired.

The prize was then a total of P347M and two lucky people won.  A 50-year old woman got the half P173M, but unfortunately the other half was not yet claimed until now.

PCSO rules states that a winning lotto number combination should be claimed within a year upon the release of the result.  Unfortunately, no one did.  Their decision is to donate it to foundations that helps unfortunate citizens.

The winning lotto combination on February 22, 2009 was  (6/49 superlotto) – 06,34,20,26,12,33…If you won this combination, your prize will be…the act of kindness.  You just gave your P173M to people who are in need.  We thank you for that.

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