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The Basics of Blogging

First time bloggers have something in common, getting more traffic and unique visitors to their site.  I too started this without knowing the basics.

We search the internet on how to create more traffic to get information on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from some experienced bloggers, which sometimes are incomplete and are undoubtedly deceiving.

There are so many SEO techniques around.  Newbies are thinking that doing these SEO techniques will instantly get what they want. But they are totally wrong.  It won’t happen overnight.  Patience is the key to it all.  They are so much concentrated with this that they have forgotten the quality of their blog contents, which is the basic foundation of a blog.

What newbies should keep in mind is to create and maintain good quality informative posts without initially doing some SEO techniques.  Make as much posts  so readers would never leave your site and the great thing will happen is getting it bookmarked.

Sooner or later, having so many great posts, your blog will be viral and SEO techniques are then the key to lure in readers to your blog.  It will boost your viewer count and eventually gain more advertisers.

Other SEO “Experts” advice newbies to get words from Google trends and post those words in their blog as many as they can for the purpose of optimization.  That would be fine for me, BUT as soon as those readers lured in to their site and found the irrelevant posts as trash.  They won’t even come back to waste their time.

If you want to be a professional blogger, make it a point that what you have posted is a treasure to others.  Do not use or create posts that are misleading to someone.

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