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How to Take an IELTS Test in Manila Philippines?

Have you heard about IELTS? This is the famous abbreviations for those who graduated college and wanted to work abroad or immigrate in other countries such as Canada and Australia.

IELTS is short for International English Language Testing System.  A test that will measure how well do you speak, read, write and listen in English.  This is measured in bands from 1 to 10 and often difficult to get the band score of nine (9) if English is not your native or first language.

How to Take IELTS in Manila, Philippines?

1. Going to the IDP Center to apply for IELTS exam.

My sister wanted to have her IELTS test for her immigration application for Canada.  So we inquired at the IDP Makati, a partner in IELTS.  We called their hotline 816 0755. They advised us to just visit their office from 9am to 4pm Mondays to Fridays and bring passports with us.

I checked their address and found out that it was just beside Greenbelt Makati. Here is the map with that red circles…


If you’re going with a car, better take Pasay Road (currently ARNAIZ Ave.) and enter Paseo De Roxas and be in the right lane before reaching Pioneer House.  You can park your car along Gallardo Street with a P35 parking fee.

If you are commuting, aim for the Greenbelt building and exit to the gate facing AIM, Asian Institute of Management.  Walk through your right leading to Pioneer House.

IDP’s office is on the 2nd floor of Pioneer House building.  You can ride the elevator or burn your fat out by using the stairs.

2. Filling Out the Forms and Fees

Ask the receptionist about the IELTS exam and she will give you some forms to fill up.  Fill in all the details on the forms and choose the date when you want to take the exam.

Take note that you have to take the test in General stream for immigration and Academic if you are intended to study or work abroad. You will be asked if where do you intend to claim the result? We chose to claim it on their office. It does not mean we have no trust on our postal system, we just want to make it sure.

They have three batches in a month for the exam, so don’t worry, you have plenty of schedules in a year.  Prepare to pay P8,000++ pesos for the IELTS exam fee.

After you have completed the form and paid for the exam, they’ll inform you what time and date when to take it.

2. Taking the Exam

Bring with you a ballpen and your passport.  Just bring all of your documents just in case.

The exam has four parts, which is reading, writing, listening and speaking.  My sister was asked to come back on the next day to take the speak test.  I don’t know what was the reason but maybe it’s because of the time constraints.

3. The Result

The result was released after 2 weeks of the exam.  We found the result good enough for the immigration requirements.

The result was in a piece of paper with the applicants picture and some personal details in it.  On the lower portion, it displayed the band score of each category and the average band score.

4. Items to Bring

These are the items to bring before visiting the IDP office.

a. Ballpen

b. Passport,

c. 2 pcs passport size photos

d. Application FEE (P8,000++)

IELTS is valid for 2 years so better practice your English skills by updating your blog often.  Talk to your English speaking friends.  Just like me, I’m doing it now.

Barron's IELTS with Audio CDs: International English Language Testing System (Barron's Ielts: International English Language Testing System)

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