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Entering Marriage Life

Last night, I was interviewed by students about marriage.  This is the question what I like the most, “How do you prepare before entering marriage?”.  I whispered, thank God it’s not about politics.

This is my opportunity to share to my readers, who will soon be brides and grooms, tips about marriage.  I should start creating new blog account for this, this topic will be too long to discuss. A good one.

Entering marriage is something that someone has control of.  You can enter marriage by planning it well with your soon to be partner.  You must be sure that HE or SHE is the ONE. The only one in your life, FOREVER!

Of course, you should consider that you are on the right age.  This will make you more mature in your relationship. You can decide fully on your own.

You need to consider your financial status. You must have a stable job. Marriage is not free, it will even cost you more or less P3,000 in SM, short for “Secret Marriage”.  It will be useless if you’re in the right age but you don’t have enough money for the celebration.  It costs P150,000 plus to celebrate it with a restaurant reception of 200 pax, just an idea.  Of course, your budget is your guide.

After you are married, what will you eat and supply your daily needs?  You should have savings that will support you for at least six months without the help of your MOMMY and if you’re jobless.  It will be fortunate for you if your sponsors gave you appliances so you don’t need to cash out any for these items.

I am sure, if you enter marriage, all these tips are important. But most of all, LOVE is the key to a successful marriage.

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