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Survey on Facebook: Presidential Candidates 2010

Over 600,000 Filipinos are viewing Facebook everyday, a record from The Digital Filipino, was recorded on March 2009.  How much more today if those numbers are exponentially rising?

Facebook has its Fan pages where one can make his or her own page so that anyone can be a fan.  This is a great opportunity for the Presidential Candidates of 2010 to gain more fans and monitor how many people love them.

I checked every candidates’ fan pages  and found out that the surveys of SWS and Pulse is a little bit consistent on their result.

This survey is just to inform you what Facebook Fans chose as their Presidential bet, “idol”.

This chart is sorted according to the number of fans of each candidate from top to bottom.  The data was taken on February 11, 2010 (8:30am).

Noynoy Aquino 618,881.00 Manny Villar 585,017.00 Gibo Teodoro 145,314.00 Eddie Villanueva 27,641.00 Dick Gordon 13,096.00 Nicanor Perlas 3,306.00 Erap Estrada 1,472.00 Jamby Madrigal 537.00 JC De Los Reyes 521.00 TOTAL 1,395,785.00

If you want this data, please link me in.

On the graph below were the top 5 of the candidates.  Other candidates were not included because their numbers are way to low to be seen.


If you want this data, please link me in.

The graph shows that Noynoy Aquino is leading Manny Villar 33,864 fans and Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro only has 23.48% fans as that of Noynoy’s.

Taken by percentage of each candidate against the total of 1,395,785 fans of the nine candidates, Noynoy Aquino got 44.34% of fans, Manny Villar 41.91% with 2.43% lag against Noynoy’s.  Here is the table with data in percentage.

Noynoy Aquino 44.34 % Manny Villar 41.91 % Gibo Teodoro 10.41 % Eddie Villanueva 1.98 % Dick Gordon 0.94 % Nicanor Perlas 0.24 % Erap Estrada 0.11 % Jamby Madrigal 0.04 % JC De Los Reyes 0.04 %

If you want this data, please link me in.

This survey data was taken from the Facebook fan pages as of February 11, 2010.  The fans are signing up everyday and might give us different results at the near end of the campaign, which is May 9, 2010.  You’ll just have to check this site from time to time for updates.

Your vote counts and do not just rely on the surveys, you have to decide based on their platforms and character background.  Vote wisely…PLEASE DO NOT SELL YOUR VOTES.

If you want me to give you updates…please leave your comment below.

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