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Limits on Election Expenses

I am not going to deal with other candidates’ expenses.  Today, I will focus on Senator Manny Villar’s expenses because based on I have heard last night on the national television news that the Senator has the highest television expenses.

Would you care to know how much?

Every national candidate must spend P10 for each of over 50 million registered voters.  A total of 120 mins for every station was allowed to be aired on infomercials.

Now, Senator Manny Villar spent P543 million as reported by ABS CBN.  He had a total of 296 mins of television airing.  With the limit of P500 million as computed above and a 120 mins of infomercials, what will the COMELEC say about this? Do they care?

COMELEC even changed the rules on premature campaigning. They said that there’s no problem with this practice.

What is happening in our country is just as normal as few years back.  We have ignored this kind of b____t.  We should follow what the law stated and punish those people breaking them.

Spending over P543 million on your ads can create few doubts on Filipinos. Question on how to gain it back is what we can’t avoid asking.  Being a businessman, ROI (Return On Investment) is your first priority.  Given that the salary of a President is not that much… How do you expect it to gain and where will the return of your investments be?  That is what we’re asking “‘Yan and tanong namin.”

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