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Presidential Candidates Infomercials: How Much Does it Cost per 30 Seconds?

I’ve seen these infomercials all over the television.   Some candidates have less than a minute and some have more than 3 minutes of their air time.  I wonder how much does each second or a minute costs?  I am planning to have those someday, just kidding!!

Seriously, this infomercial from Noynoy Aquino took three and twenty five minutes (3:25 mins).  With some help of her sister’s friends and friends of his friends, this was made possible with their talent  fees…FREE of charge! That’s what I’ve read few weeks ago in a local newspaper.  BUT, we don’t care about their fees, what we need to know is how much does the airing costs of that commercial?

]How about the infomercial of this guy, Gilbert Teodoro?  It just took him forty seven (48) seconds to tell Filipinos that, Hey! I’m running for President!…

How about the rich guy, Manuel “Manny” Villar? It just took him thirty two (32) seconds to send those information. But, this is not the only information he has, there are more of them airing almost every hour. Not much for a Billionare.

Alright, you’ve seen them all.  I haven’t got those infomercials from other candidates yet.  I think this is enough for our computation…

How much does it cost for a 30-sec tv commercial?

These information was taken from a 2008 data, there’s no need for an exact amount, just an approximate.

The regular rate for a prime time show is P300T.  For weekend noontime shows the rate is P100T and for the afternoon show business talk shows, P110T. This cost is for every 30-second advertisement.

OK, let’s take the maximum amount, which is 300T per 30 seconds, for our computation. So, Noynoy spent a total of approximate P2M(3:25min), Gibo P470T (48sec)and Villar P320T(32sec) on each infomercial.  I haven’t counted the frequency of each commercials in a day, you do the math, but there’s a lot, I’m sure. Of course there is “Presyong Kumpare!”, meaning discounts that you have to consider.

Now, I know how much to prepare for my own informercial…

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