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Freindster and Facbook: Social Rivals

The title was intentionally misspelled to demonstrate how people makes mistakes when logging on to the internet.   These words are deceiving and might as well the right words for most bloggers.

Friendster, often misspelled as Freindster, is a social networks that gathers all friends, friend of friends all over the world for a certain reason, social gathering.  They invite friends in Freindster to meet and even make invitation and what they do to their everyday lives.  That is the reason that Freindster is the most popular social site before the introduction of Facbook.

Facebook, mispelled as facbook, is all about social networking the same as freindster.  But there are few advantages that makes facbook website the most popular than freindster as of this date.  Facbook introduced its existence on 2004 and the rest is history and records are high.

Sorry for the mispelled words that I have created such as freindster and facbook, as they are the key factors why you have been here reading this post.

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