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Filipino Scandal: Searches are Getting High

I have read a post from a blogger about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and he said that it would be wise to look for a keyword to optimize a website.

I found out that Filipino Scandal is always searched in the net with a 750T+ searches recorded in Google.  What is in it for the filipino scandal word why people are searching on?

There are a lot of scandals going on in the Philippines.  You name it: batangas scandal, school scandal, filipino scandal, filipina scandal, pinoy scandal, pinay scandal, manny pacquiao scandal, etc…

Pardon me, I have to make the photos blurred because its disturbing to young viewers.

Some are making money for this scandals, they sell these DVDs and VCDs of filipino scandals and everything about scandals but the content is not that scandalous or it’s not the same with the cover. Don’t judge a book by its cover, right?

One friend of mine bought a DVD that says “filipino scandals” marked on top of the CD and of course, pron pictures on its cover.  We watched the video but the video was just like those videos taken from a professional pron makers and they just make some camera angles which is to deceive viewers as if it’s a filipino scandal.

Police are getting tips from this filipino scandal makers and sellers almost everyday.  They tend not to apprehend those @#$#^, pardon my words, because these guys are too large with a network of networks.

The only way to stop this Filipino Scandals is not to buy any of those products.

Buy original DVDs instead and not scandals, because they are worth it.

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