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Know More About Sam Worthington (Jake Sully)

The guy in “AVATAR the Movie“, sitting on a wheelchair (Jake Sully), was unfamiliar to me.  Maybe because of his short hair or just my first time to see him on the screen.  I ask myself, who is he?  So, I made a little research about him to share to you his works and skills.

He is Sam Worthington, born in Godalming, Surrey, England, on August 2 1976.  Moved to Australia during his childhood and earned his scholarship and graduated from NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art).

He got his first professional role when he portrayed Arthur Wellesley in “Judas Kiss”

Done  television shows such as Water Rats (2000) and “Backburner” and then on the American TV show JAG’s” 100th episode (Boomerang part 1)”, and “Love My way”.

He made his first movie “Bootmen”(2000) with Adam Garcia.

His other works are “Hart’s War” (2002), “Matter of Life, “Dirty Deeds” (2002), Gettin’ Square(2003), “Enzo”, Somersault(2004), Australian retelling of Macbeth(2006), “The Great Raid(2005), “Terminator Salvation(2009), and of course theAVATAR(2009).

Nominated as Best Lead Actor by the Australian Film Institute (AFI) in 2000 for his work in Bootmen. He won Best Lead Actor AFI Award for his role in Somersault in 2004 and 2009 GQ Australia Actor and countless Man of the Year Awards.

I guess he’ll be too busy this 2010 doing his future films such as  “Perseus” (2010) and the remake of the “Clash of the Titans”.

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