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Again, No Show for Manny Villar

On the DZMM radio broadcast this afternoon, I listened to the Senate hearing regarding the Senator Manuel “Manny” Villar’s C5 road Committee report by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Senator Enrile laid down his report regarding the questionable projects of Senator Villar.   A total of P6.2B was said to be overpriced and that Senator Villar should return it to the Government.

Again, Senator Manny Villar has no show in the plenary on the second time.  That is why Senator Jamby Madrigal made a statement that Villar should face the accusation against him and not be a coward.

Is this a dejavu from the previous doings of the beloved President Gloria Arroyo?  The Senator maybe, have learned from the experts not to attend any hearing that questions credibilities.  Is it not that simple enough to just attend the hearing, lay down your cards and answer all questions that was thrown against you?

Cayetano said that Villar had already answered these questions outside the Senate and it is not necessary that he will attend the Senate hearing because it may be viewed as political.

My question to Senator Cayetano, did Senator Villar attended the UST debate hosted by TED FAILON?  Instead, he suddenly cancelled the appointment for his business meeting reasons.  Maybe he already knew that Ted will ask this type of questions to him.

Oh well, the only thing we have to be reminded of is that when there’s a question, ANSWER IT!

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