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Blogs from Top to Bottom

Wow! My blog got in the list of top 50 in the Top Blogs today!  From a rank of 100+,my first few posts, to rank 49.  Reviewing my current blogs, I found out that few of my blogs and the words that I’ve included in the keywords list were the contributors of my rank to top 49.

Check my rank below from Top Blogs.

“Yeah, yeah Mangalary..you just have 205 viewers this time and you’re over reacting!”

Am I? Okay fine! There’s nothing wrong with that.  Few weeks ago, my rank was just in the 100’s and nowhere you can find me anywhere else for the next few days and even weeks below that line.  So, I have this reason to be over reacting.

Anyway, these are the top contributors on my blog.

1. Mentioning Kris Aquino-Yap and Mayen Austria on my blogs, was unexpected to create a quick rise on my graph.  They did a great help for me this time.

2. Ever since the showing of the movie Avatar, my stats from that word was maintained on the top.  My readers kept on visiting my site with the keyword avatar, avatar actress and avatar casts, making of avatar.

3. Thank God it’s election time,  the search for Manny Villar, Comelec List of Presidential candidates were the top hits.

4. Ironman 2 too gave me the reason to be on top 49.  Although it will be showing on May 2010, people kept on searching this keywords.

Some of my blogs were kept on the cupboard, never been touched.  Is it because of the tags? I don’t know. I guess I have to come up with the best idea to show these to my readers.

1. From President to Congresswoman– this only proves that she’s not that popular.

2. Choosing the President PART 3 – The last part of the interview with the presidential candidates

2. Choosing Your President PART 2 – video interview of each presidential candidates part 2

3. Choosing Your President PART 1 – the first part of the interview with the presidential candidates.

I need to learn more on this SEO thing to aim for the top rank. Maybe I can achieve that, few months from now.

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