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Avatar Characters: Who are they?

Have you end up asking who’s the person behind your favorite character, after watching the movie AVATAR?  Well, you’re just one of us.

It’s amazing watching them on 3D and the Collector’ Edition with their facial expression so much like the reality.  That’s what you call Performance Capturing.

Who are these characters behind the graphics?

Jake Sully, as you have seen in the movie, was the main character who is disabled, but in reality, he isn’t.  He is so much standing on his own without the wheelchair, at least in the real world…

Sam Worthington with his avatar Jake Sully

The charming blue sexy lady, Neytiri, was indeed sexy and hot in flesh.  She made an impressive good acting with her avatar though…

Zoe Saldana and avatar Neytiri

Dr. Grace Augustine, the ever sexy Sigourney…

Sigourney Weaver and avatar Dr. Grace Augustine

Don’t mess with the leader of the tribe, Eytukan.  I still want to see him in action, but never mind, he’s dead anyway.

Wes Studi and avatar Eytukan

This character gave me a hard time finding her character avatar.  Well, you’re just so lucky this time to see Mo’at, avatar of CCH Pounder, the mother of Neytiri and the spiritual leader of Omaticaya clan of Pandora.

Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder and avatar Mo'at

Joel Moore, also the star of the “Hottie and the Nottie” together with Paris Hilton, did a great job with this adventure acting this time.

Joel Moore with his avatar Norm Spellman

The villain, should we say the destructive Colonel Miles Quaritch, who blew the house down.

Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch

The leader of the clan’s hunters and chosen to be Neytiri’s mate until the existence of Jake Sully.

Laz Alonso with avatar Tsu'tey

Get the AVATAR Collector’s Edition in Blu-ray

We hope that they will make the Part 2 of this movie with those flying creatures and raging war with other tribes, that would be AWESOME!

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