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The Making of AVATAR: The Technique of Captured Performance

Watching the movie got me a feeling of astonishment, amazed by the effects they’ve created after the Jurassic Park.  The digital world has now took over the stages of Hollywood.   A creation of new techniques and the graphics pixilation.

Avatar now, has the ability to do almost everything possible in the digital.  This is not animation, but performance capturing.  They captured all emotions created by the exact facial expressions of the actor and the actress, thus making the movie realistic.

The movie was so great and that is why we’re asking ourself, how did they do it?  Watch the video of the making of AVATAR and that you’ll say…that’s awesome!

The book by Jody Duncan explains how the AVATAR was made. It comes in a hardcover that will be good for an AVATAR collector.

Performance Capturing: The techniques in making the Avatar movie

See the characters and what they look like in flesh?

WATCH The Oscar Awards Results

Oscar Awards

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