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Experience with the Avatar

The lovers, casts of avatar

We watched AVATAR in SM Sta Rosa, Cinema 3 (3D), so I  have to shell out 240 pesos each person with a free donut and a regular softdrinks.

Being in a 3D viewing cinema, we were given a pair of 3D glasses each, but not with the blue and red shades, it’s clear with a black frame.  The seats were not that fully occupied, it’s December 24, 2009, people are busy cooking their noche buenas, come on!

The first minutes of viewing, we have to wear those glasses.  We can see those characters in 3D, very nice.  The first part was a mystery, you don’t know what and where they’ve been and the place was very unfamiliar.  It is like you are going for a trip to the amazon, but in an alien world.

The greed of men took over as they need more, more and more of the treasure.  Men’s greed overtook the humanitarian or should we say alienitarian rights of those dwellers.

The story is all about wealth grabbing, love for nature, belongingness and betrayal.  Being an adventure and sci-fi fan, I could recommend it to everyone, a must see movie with a rate of 10/10.

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