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How to Start with a Blog: Things to Consider

Things to consider when blogging

Now you know the meaning of BLOG. It’s time to start your own blog.  But first, commitment, motivation, time and few technical know-hows should be considered before starting.

Commitment is one factor that you must first consider before blogging.  You have to make sure that you can support your blog in a long term.  Blog is not a weed that you don’t need to water everyday.  Think of it as a rose that everytime you see it, you have to remove those few dead leaves and take care of it as it blooms.

Motivation, a factor that is needed in blogging.  It is something that gives you a drive, or a desire, to make something.  Your family, for example, is the best motivation you’ve had. You can also be motivated by the blog that you make.  The blog should be something that is what you like most, which others do it as their hobby.

Time, which they say is gold.  The first thing to lose during blogging is your time.  But no worries, when you lose something, you’ll gain everything.  It is what you need when doing few research on the subject that you want to blog.

Technical Know-How, something like a little techie.  You don’t need to be a geeky programmer, but you need a litte bit of computer literacy.  You need to know the concept of writing and the Internet.  The words, upload and download should be included in your vocabularies.

When all of these things combined and few tips from an experienced blogger, you then have that green light.

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