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What is a Blog: For Early Learners ?

I was then a newbie few months ago about the word, blog.  A word that was soaring familiarity since the 90’s.  Doing research is my way of asking questions without bothering anybody else, so I came up of asking the internet browsers, “What is Blog”?

There were many answers to my query, some had technical and few have standard answers about it.  It came to a point and asked myself, “How can I really explain the word to a newbie or beginner?”

Let me start it this way. You’re in a small gathering, four friends seating at a round table, talking so many things about something interesting.  Everybody takes turn after each conversation and another topic emerges.  Think of it as you are the person, who likes so much about food.  You talked a lot about it thinking that they’re listening to you.  You don’t know if they like it, unless someone is frank enough to let go of his guts.  You’ll never know what they feel about what you’re saying and even asked you, “What was it , again?”.

Internet Blogging

The internet came, to a point that everyone can feed something on it,  anything they want to say.  It was when the internet, called the web, has certain features where it logs all the feeds, the data, it gathers and store it for other users to see.  So the web do the Web Log, which was then termed into a weblog, and finally evolved in to a “blog“.

Liking so much about food, for example,  is like a pressure cooker steaming out.  You like to let go of what you want to say about it and want to know that your listeners are, really, listening to you.  The internet is one way to help you steam out those ideas on something new about, FOOD.  It is through blog, which you can do and make anything by writing, posting pictures and even video clips.  It is like making your computer, laptop or desktop, your diary instead of writing it on a piece of paper or discussing it in front of your three other friends, with an annoying question “What is it, again?”.

Now, you can blog your “All About FOOD” in the internet.  Everytime a person from anywhere around the world is interested in that topic, he’ll just visit your blog in the internet, anytime of the day, 24/7.  He can leave comments, whether he likes it or suggest something about what you’ve posted on your site.

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