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New Mangalary Site Logo is Done!

I have transfered my blog from wordpress.com host to revler.com, it was quite a difficult decision especially that my readers are used to visit my blog at the wordpress.com.  Well, everything should make improvements, to make sure that the readers will like it more and of course my blogs have more features than before.

There are plenty of things to change and learn more about website’s what-to-do’s…quite exhausting, but rewarding.   I admit, I’m not a programmer, so these things are so strange to me like a first grader learning the ABC’s.

The theme was completely white to have a clear view of the my blogs.  A slight formality of the theme might work well with my posts and pleasant to the viewers.  It is a 3-column theme to compress the information and good for viewers that don’t want to scroll down the site even quite a bit.

Doing a makeover should include the site logo.  The original mangalary sight was just a simple text “MANgalary”.  But this time, a light and cool appearance was the theme of the logo, which would be nice and pleasant.

The new logo for Mangalary site is finished and ready for posting.  I can’t find how to install it though…might as well call some of my programmer friends or do net research. Yeah, as what I’ve told you, it is quite exhausting.  You’ll see the logo as soon as I have downloaded it.  Check the logo below and have a glimpse…

new mangalary floating logo

new mangalary floating logo

I am now in love with it..ahhh.

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