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1970’s Song Still Depicts the Incidents in Mindanao

Philippines is still aiming to eliminate her problem, which was still in the memories of her people since the start of martial law, 1972.  What’s happening on her land 37 years ago still exist nowadays.  It is such a depressing reality in spite of the martial law’s removal.

Her people made so much effort to compel against killings and abuses by street demonstrations and rebellions.  One bloodless action made was through a song, which was forged by putting words of despair into it, the “Balita” (News).

The song was originally sang and composed by the band called “ASIN” (Salt of the Earth).  With its lyrics still can relate with what’s happening in the Philippines, specifically in Mindanao, the band member’s homeland.  I have here a video clip, check out each lines, and think of the Maguindanao massacre victims and the kidnappings happened this week.


Lapit mga kaibigan at makinig kayo (Come my friends and listen up)

Ako’y may dala-dalang balita galing sa bayan ko (I got some news for you)

Nais kong ipamahagi ang mga kwento (I want to share these stories)

At mga pangyayaring nagaganap sa lupang ipinangako (And incidents happening in the promised land)

Ang lupang pinanggalingan ko’y may bahid ng dugo (My homeland was stained with blood)

May mga lorong ‘di makalipad na sa hawlang ginto (Parrots that can’t fly inside its golden cage)

May mga punong walang dahon, mga pusong ‘di makakibo (Trees without leaves and hearts that can’t break the silence)

Sa mga pangyayaring nagaganap sa lupang ipinangako (On the incidents happening in the promised land)
Mula nang makita ko ang lupang ito (Since I saw this homeland)

Nakita ko rin ang munting apoy sa puso ng tao (I saw the flames in the hearts of the people)

Ginatungan ng mga kabulukan hanggang sa lumago (Fueled by corruption until it worsen)

Ngayon ang puso’y may takot sa lupang ipinangako (Now, our hearts were frightened in our promised land)

[Repeat CHORUS 1]

Dati-rati’y ang mga bukid ay kulay ginto (The rice fields were golden)

Dati-rati’y ang mga ibon ‘sing laya ng tao (The birds were free as people)

Dati-rati ay katahimikan ang musikang nagpapatulog (Silence was the lullaby)

Sa mga batang walang muwang sa mundo (For the innocent children)
Ngayon ang lupang ipinangako ay nagsusumamo (Now, the promised land is pleading)

Patakan n’yo ng luha ang apoy sa kanyang puso (Pour a tear on the flaming heart)

Dinggin n’yo ang mga sigaw ng mga puso (Listen to the call of the hearts)

Ng taong una n’yong dadamhing kabilang sa inyo (Of the people, you first feel, belonged to you)

The album was made in the 70’s, but still the message depicts the recent news in Mindanao…Please choose the best president and “Do Not Sell YourVotes”.

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