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If It Rains, It Floods: Damage on your Car!

There’s a famous quotation that “If it rains, it pours”.  It depends on what will pour, it could be problems and graces.  But if problems pour, it pours a lot of trouble not just emotional but also, financial.

Having experienced the tragedy of Ondoy is a lot of trouble pouring in to your life.  Flooding, which affects your home and your car, is one of them.

Your home can be cleaned easily with a few help from your relatives and friends.  But if your car was submerged, you need to consult the car experts.

A car that was damaged by flood, submerged in water and mud, is a total devastation.  Take a look at what happened to this car.

If your engine is in this state, it will start no more and you need a tow, which costs you P1,500 for the first 4 kilometers.

All the accessories, seats and carpets are overlaid with mud and should be removed and cleaned.   All parts that are not stainless will soon rust and should be replaced as soon as possible.
Times like this, you need not to worry, be thankful as no lives were taken from you, just those few bucks from your piggy bank…:))
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