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Buying Unbranded DVD Players: The Moral Lesson!

I bought a DVD player few years back.  It was made in Taiwan, no need to say

The remote looks like this...

the brand, I think it’s unethical…sorry for that.  Anyway, I chose the brand because, they say, it can read anything, including pirated CD’s.  Alright, I was then convinced during that moment and paid P2,999 for it complete with a remote (of course), but you need to buy the batteries, it’s not included, you know…

Years have past, until now, it survived and still reading pirated CD’s, shsss…I just borrowed those from my friends…but the remote didn’t make it.  The selection button was not responsive, I can’t select the “Play” on the screen, so my DVD player is now, sort of,  useless *sigh*.
I then searched the stalls, stores and appliance outlets for it.  Nothing, was the result, negative…naahhh.  I asked for a universal remote, a remote that can be set to any listed DVD brand, but unfortunately the brand was not listed and was a great dismay.
I guess I have to buy a new player, but still need to ask permission from my finance manager.
So guys, before buying DVD players especially those made in “anywhere”, check the remote and accessories, they should be easily available anywhere within your reach.  The brand should also be listed on the universal remotes settings.
There’s nothing better than buying those Branded ones…
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