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Get Rid of Driving Stress!!

I have been driving for years now.  I have noticed that my eyes becomes stressed during and after those long drives especially when the sunlight is shining directly on me…I don’t have problems during rainy season, but I may also encounter some problems with that.  I will be discussing it on my other posts.
The most stressful part of the day is during noon time. It is when the sun heats up your hood and eventually, the heat crawls inside your car, giving you a feeling of being baked alive.  It begins to sore your eyes and tears flows down through it, keeping you wiping again and again, thus irritating it further.
I haven’t gone for the doctor quite sometime to ask for the remedy. Instead I went to the mall and bought a pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses for Driving

Wear sunglasses

It will protect my eyes from those harmful UV (Ultra Violet) rays from the sun.  Since then, I’m wearing it always when driving.  It was such a relief…

I recommend that you purchase a pair of sunglasses that has a high factor of protection from UV rays.
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