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Ways to Minimize Computer Hang…

Are you tired of computer system hang? It is everybody’s annoyance during

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peak hours and hectic schedule, when projects are off due for submission?  This problem is one of many, which we are very eager to eliminate.  We don’t want to be bugged by this type of dilemma.

A very fast and responsive computer is a dream for computer enthusiasts and users. There are plenty of reasons why those computers are super fast.  One of the reason is the high memory storage harddisk. It is just a little device storing all sorts of files from Megabytes to Terabytes capacity.  The problem is, the memory will soon be fully loaded with those high memory eating files…those videos, mp3’s and other kinds of files that you have just downloaded few minutes ago…
There are ways that you might be able to minimize these problems.
1. Organize Those Bytes
There is nothing better than organizing those files and retrieving it at your comfort.  To do this, you have to save those files on a folder that can easily be read, ex: Job Related, Letters…and so on.  Store those files in each folder where they belong.  By doing this, you can monitor each and every file you are storing and the capacity of your harddisk.
2.Store It Right
Your harddisk cannot store hundreds of those memory eaters.  Do not use it as a storage for your downloads.  You need to store the songs in a CD and label them well. Movies should be stored in an external drive, that might as well be used for some other file storage.  USB is good only for tranferring files, but can also be used for storing some of it temporarily.  Use your internal drive for important computer application softwares only.
3. Removing Useless Files
Computer saves few temporary files on your harddrive.  But this few becomes Megabytes and can be a contributor for your memory loss.  Clear those files out.  Be careful of deleting those that looks like they’re temporary but they’re not.  Ask assistance from computer experts and might as well educate you with those file extensions.
These steps will make your computer improve a little bit and will make your day easy…
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