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The Iron Man 2 Movie!

The upcoming movie from Marvel comics, showing on May 2010, the man inside a red-colored iron suit that flies like a rocket…IRON MAN 2.  This will be truly a hit to those ages within 13 to 13-year-old brains.

The IronMan 2 Movie

Showing on May 2010

He has a villain, with black iron suit, that reminds me of Spiderman 3 movie wherein the villain Venom has a black suit and obviously Ironman and Spiderman has their red themed suit/armor in them.  I hope they don’t have that same script writer and director. I hope not…*cross fingers*

Who made their poster anyway? Is it Spiderman together with Venom with their red and black suit on? It was fortunate enough that Ironman was not hanging on a building with window glasses reflects his Black villain.

It is just a poster anyway, too much of that poster criticism.  All we need to know is the content of the story.  New weapons and gadgets would totally be awesome…I will watch it on May, better mark my calendar…Hope to see it on 3D.

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