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From President to Congresswoman

“Filipinos are worth dying for”, one of the quotes of the famous Ninoy Aquino, a national hero of the Republic of the Philippines.  He shed blood to NAIA airport because of this…

On December 1, 2009, a lady whose staying in Malacanang, having those prestige  and extravagance, perhaps, will be applying one of Ninoy’s quotes.  She wants to serve the country and by doing this, she will run for Congress.  This was confirmed through a video from ABS CBN News.

Here is the clip from the video of ABS CBN via Yutube.

Why the need running for Congress?  This is what other “Political Experts” say about it: If she wins for congress, she now belongs to the house of representative and could be, the next speaker.  So what?.. Being a speaker is a privilege of being elected as the Prime Minister of the Republic of the Philippines and is immune from lawsuit .  She has the machinery in doing this, the money that she own and the power…This is also possible if those Candidates for President in 2010, her allies, will win.  Can they do that?? Helloooo, Garciii??They already did it…

Whoever is her President during her speakership will be her ally to file for congress, the Charter Change, which will change our government to parliamentary form wherein two leaders, the President and the Prime Minister will rule.  AND???Prime Ministers are elected only by Congress, goodbye masses and no more vote buying, in fairness, and we don’t know what will they buy next.

I hope that the “political expert” is mistakenly stated this idea and we hope that this will not happen…

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