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Your Promise

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

No one is never satisfied on one thing.  Keeping his self motivated at all times and never stops on dreaming.  A dream that someday, he can change his life.  A change that has never been done for centuries, never been written in history, where no one has ever found in the deep blue sea.  Hoping that someday, everything will come in to order.

Relatives keep you asking what would you be when you grow up?  A question that was planted on one corner of your brain since you’ve been baptist and learned to hold your pencil.  You asked yourself, what is my purpose in life? You are in your mid 20’s or your late 60’s but still giving some promises to this and that.  The promise which is not yet broken and done.  We have to accept that we are not be living forever in this world and we have our lifetime deadline.  Make the use of it for you have your strength to fulfill it right now.

Three Tips in Keeping a Promise to Yourself
1.  Know What you Promise
“Promises are made to be broken”, a phrase where people don’t care for themselves and anybody. A promise should not be broken for it is the key to your future.  It shouldn’t be taken for granted and should be keep intact for the rest of your life.  Know exactly what you promise for yourself.  It is a long term promise of what you will do to your life.  Never make a promise which is impossible. Promise yourself with goals that you can have that  must be easy enough for you to handle and to achieve.

2.  Getting Ready to Fulfill your Promise
Having a promise for yourself is a lifetime commitment that only you can achieve.  Prepare yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Prepare your emotions, where sometimes you have to be down if you can not fulfill the promise.  Be physically fit to make yourself ready for the challenge in life, have a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself knowledgeable on all sorts of things.  Prepare your spiritual belief and you should keep your faith to guide you on your promise.

3.  Maintaining the Promise
Your attitude from starting your big step on fulfilling your promise should be the same all through out.  Keeping yourself motivated is the key in maintaining it.  If some circumstances tends to pull you away from it, do what is right to make yourself strong and keep yourself adrift.

As long as you are determined,  ready to face the challenge, YOU and only you can keep your promise.

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