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Blog from my Email

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment

This is a great feature, which I haven’t found from other blog spots. It is quite amazing to know that features like this is very much possible. Well, it is the century of blogs now and still we don’t know the next big thing inside the www.

I have sent this email to try how it looks like when I press the send button. There’s is nothing more exciting than the first, right? It should be awesome!


Blog at First Sight

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

This is it!!!My first blog in is aiming to be the best in the blog world data base. Who knows,  someday a great man, dad and a friend made the world go round with blogs. 

Today is stormy, Santi is the name,  and I can hear the wind whistling all around the house.  Uncontrollable drops of rain falling from the sky, which I’m so concerned of having clogs on our roof, that would not be good.  As far as I remembered when we forgot to clean the gutter, the house turned into a miniature waterfalls.  It was a good view though, looking at the water dripping down at your belongings, wheew!.  I hope it doesn’t happen again today.

This will be the first time I have decided to stick to a certain blog, inspite of having so many accounts which still haven’t finished the web design and all.  I don’t know what to put in it.  The research have done a great help for me.  I tried to check everywhere and look at few blogs that may give me some ideas…so I said to myself..Hey self! This is your blog spot, excuse me for using other site’s name, this is where you belong!




Welcome to my Blog Space!

October 30, 2009 1 comment

This is the day where I can tell the world world hello.  My first blog and hoping that I will stay here for a long while.   Having tried others blogs, I bumped in to this site and I find it nice and easy to use.  I am yet to explore few other things and it might took me a long while.

Hello to the world and I hope my blog will reach every corner of it.  It doesn’t matter where it may end up as long as I have written all the best in me.  I usually do the writing during nighttime, my favorite time and it motivates me when it is already quite and everyone are all asleep.  They said that it might be nice and ease to do blog in coffee shops, but I think it might be quite expensive doing blogs in those places.  Of course you have to pay for a cup of coffee, might took you a couple of bucks.  Might as well enjoy the corner of your room and watch TV or chat with friends and do anything for free.

Hello and Welcome to my world where you could read anything under the sun, anything as long as it’s not offensive on other’s opinion.  I may have overwritten few words but just make some few comments and share what you think of my works.  Anything you want to say as long as it’s true and not for blackmail…hehe.